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    Metal Panels Powder Coated March 12, 2011
  • Wheel Services

    We are an established business based in the Central Belt of Scotland. We have been repairing and refurbishing alloy wheels and other items for many years.

    Our alloy wheel services are of the highest standards

  • Alloys

    With us, quality is key and we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standard of workmanship.

    We refurbish complete alloy wheels inside and out.

  • Recovery

    We can collect and deliver your vehicle to repair alloy wheels..

    We also offer a complete Recovery Service from Airdrie.

  • Airdrie Recovery

    Alloy wheels completely refurbished.

  • Coatbridge Powder Coater

    Metal Frames Powder Coated.

  • breakdown recovery coatbridge

    Vehicle Pickup & Recovery Service.


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WE PROFESSIONALLY FINISH ALLOYS. Complete tyre removal, buckles & cracks repaired, tyres refitted and properly balanced.



Blast Cleaning. Blast cleaning involves blowing grit or sand at very high speed onto the object to be cleaned. It removes paint and rust, without the use of harsh chemicals, taking a dirty, tarnished or painted metal object right back to the bare metal. At this stage the metal is called 'white metal'. Blast cleaning is not restricted to metal, you can blast clean wood, stone, ceramics, concrete and much more. December 08, 2011
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Cleaning & Undercoating. Using highly specialised table blasting equipment wheel services can clean many objects such as engine and motor-cycle parts, various household metal parts, tools etc; we can also include under-coating as part of this service. This applies the coating to the metal parts to avoid rust-dusting to the part to be coated to its desired finish. December 08, 2011
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Metal structure cleaned.. The grit used for blast cleaning is a very specialised material. It's main function is to remove corrosion from alloy wheels and parts, and rust from steel wheels and parts, without damaging the metal structure of the part or wheel being blasted. December 08, 2011
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Complete Service. We specialise in offering a complete alloy wheel refurbishment service for many different makes and styles of wheel including diamond cut and split rims. We are conveniently located and easily accessible from M8 and have a secure storage area for vehicles left onsite at our workshop. Curbed, scuffed, corroded, bent or scratched alloy wheels can be refurbished from just £45.00+vat. We also offer custom paint finishes and unique designs to enhance the appearance of your wheels. Our alloy wheel refurbishment services are available to private car owners and commercial organisations such as car dealerships, tyre shops, bodyshops, car clubs and insurance companies. December 08, 2011
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